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Art Kit - Emperor Edition

90 Effects, 20+ brushes, layers, labels, image and text editor - plus a whole lot more.
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Angry Penguin Art Kit Emperor Edition


Art Kit is a highly expressive tool kit of inks, brushes, washes and tools which are highly creative and expressive. Most graphic packages are rigid standard lines or boring textures, Art Kit breaks that tradition.

Emperor Edition is the full featured version of Angry Penguin Art Kit.

  • Over 20 dynamic brushes including paint buckets, smudge, text editor, water colours, sketch, charcoal, calligraphy, hair and bristle, air brush, ink and even dribble brushes.

  • All brushes come with a myriad of fine granular control for amazing creativity and variability.

  • Many brushes can be combined and used simultaneously.

  • Brushes can be saved as a fast brush during that session or saved as a preset for future use.

  • A full functioning image editor with over 40 blend modes, over 20 special filters, 17 special effects, ten image adjustments and image transformations.

  • Ability to add layers with either art layers or image layers, both of which can have blends, filters, effects, adjustments or transformations.

  • Blend modes can be modified with intensity, while all effects and filters also have a myriad of controls like the brushes for granular control and immense creativity.

  • Hide all menus with space bar for full screen canvas, special blotter ("k") to test your brushes.

  • Set your canvas to any DPI up to 300 or down to 10, allowing massive canvas sizes of several metres depending on your computer.

  • Standard international paper size presets, or manually set your canvas.

  • Most major international labels supported, preview label, preview label sheet, set finished artwork to labels.

  • Save and resume your work.

  • Dynamic paper texture making for unlimited texture creation.

  • Hot keys for all your screens, plus dynamic pressure of brushes or always on drawing.

Upcoming Features

We are looking to add many new features to our product including painting special effects, marque tool for special effects and editing, CVS file importing for creating labels from addresses, and much much more.

What's New

Version 1.0.4

This is the first edition, however there is also the Fledgling edition which has less features - while this will be available as a trial version called Rock Hopper.

They include almost a hundred brushes, blends, effects, filters, styles, image tools, plus amazing ability to save preset brushes, paper texture, sizes, high resolution. label makers and lots more.

Angry Penguin will be updated with dual handed Leap Motion control and multi-finger control for finger painting madness.

So check your updates button on whatever version you have.

Ratings & Reviews

    This app's current version has no reviews yet.
    This app's current version has no reviews yet.
    Platform: Windows
    Version: 1.0.4
    Size: 30.8 MB
    Age Rating: 3+
System Requirements
Angry Penguin Art Kit


AMD Phenom II or Intel i3 / i5 / i7 Processor, 2GB RAM

Windows 7, or Windows 8 Classic 2GB of RAM

Video card for GPU processing using Shaders.

Currently only runs on windows however we will be releasing a version for OS X in a few days - so please check back.