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A unique first person construction-action gameplay experience
3.64103073135869 of 5

The last of the robot wars had ended.

Autonomous robotic soldiers have destroyed the colonies and left humanity scattered. The only known refined energy lies amongst the ruins and without it humanity may fade.

But not all have retreated into the darkness.

To recover the energy a human-robot hybrid known as a Hot Wire has been transmitted to the colonies across vast distances through pre-war digital conduits known as the VR Back Channel.

The colonies are far from empty.

Hostile automatons tirelessly patrol the former battlefields. The Hot Wire must use found robotic parts and absorbed energy to construct new automatons to fight the enemy and mine energy cores.

The Hot Wire has but one life to collect energy before the next transmission cycle begins…

Key Features:
  • A unique first person construction-action gameplay experience designed for the Leap Motion controller.
  • Use your hand to aim, throw robot parts and deliver powerful shock attacks!
  • Construct automatons, search for energy, and defeat enemy robots.
  • Explore a unique virtual reality inspired futuristic world.
  • A different experience every time! The world is procedurally generated and populated, ensuring that no two play experiences are ever the same.


バージョン 1.0.3

V 1.0.3 - Bug fixes!

V 1.0.2 - Updated release to fix DirectX and DLL issues reported below by some users. If you have the first release, please update in Airspace Home. Thanks!!


  • Incredibly Choppy

    1 of 5
    user-1389 による – 2014年01月28日(火)

    Game was jerky to the point of being unplayable and I couldn't find anywhere to set graphics quality. None of my other Leap Motion apps, even graphics-intensive ones like Puddle, have this problem.


  • Very good game

    5 of 5
    user-3312 による – 2013年11月19日(火)

    Playing for 30 minutes and still exploring new things.

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  • The best game for the Leap!

    5 of 5
    user-4102 による – 2013年11月28日(木)

    Really intuitive controls, great graphics (I LOVE the art style) and overall fantastic gameplay. The procedural generation is the icing on the cake! Brilliant game guys, but you should make this into a proper release (add more stuff in and charge for it). As it stands, this is the best game for Leap!

    2 人(2人中) がこのレビューが役に立ったと言っています。

  • Very good

    5 of 5
    user-5342 による – 2013年11月22日(金)

    This is an awesome game. Looks good, plays great and the controls are awesome!!

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  • dont open

    1 of 5
    user-5978 による – 2013年11月22日(金)

    the game says thers a mising file


  • Great! but a few annoying things.

    4 of 5
    user-3027 による – 2013年11月24日(日)

    Overall it’s great! There are a few bad things though. In the pause menu of the game, the sensitivity adjustment bar is on the bottom where my tired arm invariably ends up. I change the sensitivity without wanting to. Also, I beat the first level and entered the transmission area, but then my screen went white. I thought it would load another level, but it didn't. It just closed when I pressed space. Besides those two things though, it is a very good game! Definitely recommended!

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    プラットフォーム: Windows
    バージョン: 1.0.3
    ファイルサイズ: 156メガバイト
    対象年齢: 12+

Windows 7 or 8
500 Mb Hard Drive Space
Intel Core i3 or higher
4 Gb of Ram
Radeon HD 4000 series / Geforce 9800 series or higher