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Half-Inch Heist Turbo

Turbo fuelled, action packed diamond heisting for your Leap Motion Controller!
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Turbo fuelled, action packed diamond heisting for your Leap Motion Controller!

Save the diamond!

The evil Dr Puss has stolen a priceless diamond, and only you can get it back! Venture into the depths of Dr Puss' security vault and test your mettle as you dodge his deadly army of enemies, hell-bent on making sure you never leave with the diamond alive.

Use the power of the Leap Motion Controller to help you survive the onslaught, using it's unique Z-Axis to charge your shields and boost your score.

The ultimate challenge

Half-Inch Heist Turbo will test your reflexes, reactions and endurance as you battle to stay alive. Each level brings a new challenge, guarded by diabolical bosses including LazerPussy, Pork Hammer and Skullatron.

It pays homage to the arcade games of old, featuring beautiful pixel graphics and a hand-crafted soundtrack.

Half-Inch Heist Turbo is the ultimate test of skill and endurance.


バージョン 1.0.13
  • Improved tutorial
  • Extra sounds
  • Live score updates
  • Shield charging now relative to diamond scale
  • Bonus coins when defeating bosses


  • Fun to play & awesome graphics.

    5 of 5
    user-3161 による – 2013年11月14日(木)

    I love the retro-inspired graphics and music for this game! The control is unique and works great with the Leap Motion, plus the game is fun to play and challenging... and my kids love it!


    プラットフォーム: Windows
    バージョン: 1.0.13
    ファイルサイズ: 105メガバイト
    対象年齢: 7+
  • OS: Windows 7 or 8
  • Processor: 2.2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
  • Memory: 2gb RAM
  • Hard Drive: 300mb HD space
  • Graphics: 128mb of VRAM