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Hand Eye Coordination

Improve your hand-eye coordination while having fun!
No ratings yet.
by GTC Software LLC
Age Rating: 3+

Use your Leap Motion Controller to improve your hand-eye coordination!

How to Play:
Use the Leap Motion Controller to move the cursor around the screen. The goal is to overlap the target dot that appears on the screen as many as you can in one minute. When you overlap the target dot with the cursor for a fraction of a second, it will disappear and appear somewhere else on the screen.
You must be accurate to get as many as possible!

Try the hard difficulty setting if it is too easy! The target will be even smaller and you will have to be even more accurate!
Don't like the color of the target dot? Choose from 7 different colors!

Compete with your friends to see who can get the best high score!!!

Start Improving your Hand-Eye Coordination Today!!!

What's New

Version 1.0.2
  • Help screen bug fixed
  • Pauses when hands not main screen

Ratings & Reviews

    This app's current version has no reviews yet.
    This app's current version has no reviews yet.
    Platform: OS X
    Version: 1.0.2
    Size: 1.46 MB
    Age Rating: 3+
System Requirements

OSX 10.8 +
Intel Core i3+
10 MB HDD space