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Just point to be in control
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Just Point To Be In Control

Pointable allows one-handed OS interaction with your Leap Motion Controller without the use of complicated gestures. Made specially for Windows 7 and Windows 8.

  • Point at objects around you to trigger shortcuts
  • Point at the screen for OS control
  • Point at applications for context-based interaction

Tutorial is now included. New Users are encouraged to go through the tutorial to get a better understanding of Pointable.

For existing users, you can try out the Click Game Tutorial to adjust the left click sensitivity.

OS Control with Visual Feedback

  • Customized cursor control made for the Leap Motion Controller - Left click, double click, right click, middle click, and click-and-drag with just one hand
  • Optional key modifiers for easy click triggers with keyboard
  • Droplets to show the cursor position before clicking
  • Smooth scrolling with circular finger motion
  • Volume control by pointing at the Speaker Pointable located at the bottom right of your screen
  • Focused window highlighted by a green border

Tutorial video for Pointable Cursor Control

Windows Management

  • OS windows management with your hand - snap window to the sides, maximize, minimize and close applications with a moving cursor and highlighted border of the moving window
  • Supports multiple monitors with a total screen length of up to 2x 23 inch monitors

Applications Task Switcher

  • Switch between applications quickly using Task Switcher.

Customizable Application Context-Based Interaction with Visual Feedback

Point at applications on your screen and open your hand to access shortcuts specific to the application such as:

Tutorial video for Interacting with Application Pointable

Windows 8 Start Screen Navigation Support

Go to Desktop, Show Charm Bar, Show Application List, Show Application Switcher

Browsers control (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer)

New tab, close tab, next tab, open-palm circling motion to zoom, and FullScreen Video- Exit, Play/Pause.


Back/Forward, next/previous track

Windows Media Player and VLC

Full screen, play/pause, next/previous media and scroll to control volume

Word, Excel

Open recent files, close file, side-by-side view


Start/End slideshow, navigating slides and show blank screen

Adobe Reader

Zoom control, reading mode, scrolling with circular motion

And MUCH much more, as you can create your own customized application Pointable. Just drag and attach Pointables to applications you like.

Customizable Shortcuts Using Area Around Your Workspace with Pointable

Point at objects around your workspace for fast access to what you need the most

Tutorial video for Configuring Physical Pointable

Launch up to 4 different applications, command-line instructions or keystrokes for each Pointable

The default Pointables surrounding your screen includes:

  • Configuration Pointable - Launch Airspace, pause tracking, launch configuration and guide
  • Speakers Pointable - Pause/play, mute and circular motion to control the volume
  • Power Pointable - OS Lock, Sleep/Hibernate, Restart and Shutdown
  • Spotify Pointable - Quick access to the Top 100 list and next/previous track
  • Media Pointable - Launch VLC, Windows Media Player, Youtube and Vimeo
  • Social Circle Pointable - Point for your social needs such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and Skype
  • Browser Pointable - Launch Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera For new users, only the Configuration and Speakers Pointable are activated by default.
  • Supports multi-monitor setup with a total screen length of up to 2x 23 inch monitors in landscape orientation - Other monitor sizes and orientations may work but cursor tracking may be unreliable at the edges
Please do read the guide for more details regarding the usage of the application.

If you need any help regarding Pointable, you may email us at or via our contact page

What's New

Version 1.3.6

Version 1.3.6
- Bug fix: Pointable does not appear in Windows 8 metro mode.

Version 1.3.5

  • Prompt user to allow background app from the Leap Motion Control Panel if not enabled.
  • Automatically restart Pointable if display settings changed
  • Fixed click is not registered when main display is set to left monitor for dual monitor configuration
  • Fixed droplet settings not save when Pointable restarted.

Version 1.3.1

  • Support for Windows 8.1
  • Browser Pointable now works with IE in Metro mode
  • Added Power Pointable (disabled by default) - Shutdown, Restart, Sleep/Hibernate, Lock
  • Improved general finger tracking
  • Added sensitivity level for right click and middle click.

Version 1.2.3

  • Added sensitivity and stabilization configuration for cursor control, right click and middle click in Interaction Configuration.
  • Easier to tap down for Application Task Switcher

Version 1.2.2

  • Bug fix for DPI above 100%.

Version 1.2.1

  • Added Application Switcher using palm up gesture.
  • Options to enable/disable interaction gestures such as click-and-drag, drag window. This can be found in Interaction Configuration.
  • Click now works correctly when primary/secondary buttons are swapped.
  • For new users, only Configuration Pointable and Speaker Pointable will be enabled.
  • Revamped Physical Pointable calibration, only 1 point is needed for calibration.
  • Much improved left click with sensitivity settings.
  • For easy mouse click, try Control key for left click, Alt key for right click, Shift key for middle click.
  • Update UI for screen calibration, and clearer instructions.
  • Added Tutorial for new users. For existing users you are encouraged to go through the tutorial and have fun as well!
  • Click-and-drag disabled by default

Ratings & Reviews

  • Good app

    3 of 5
    by user-889 – December 21, 2013

    The app works well, but sometime it acts a little bit strange. It tracks fingers even if there is no hand upon the leap controller.. And it's a little bit "tricky" when you want to open a link you just highlighted with the green pointer. There is room for improvement, but at least you can use the operating system with the leap controller.

    7 out of 7 customers found this review helpful

  • Better

    3 of 5
    by user-5908 – January 25, 2014

    It's better than the free "Touchable" for simple point/click/scroll. But the reason I spent the money is that the app shortcut controls very much interested me, and I simply could not get pointable menus to work. This may be cause due to my monitor set up. Three monitors is not super common, I understand. But niche groups like the triple monitor crowd are more likely to dive into a niche product like Leap Motion. Just saying.

    2 out of 2 customers found this review helpful

  • Simple, clean and amazing

    4 of 5
    by user-6284 – January 4, 2014

    Since buying Pointable I've more or less stopped using my mouse (unless I have to). It is really simple to use (as it is based on just a couple of different movements with the hand) and setup and it's very customizable. The program feels responsive and is comfortable to use. Sometimes there is a problem with the "move window" function, but other than that I'm completely addicted!

    2 out of 2 customers found this review helpful

  • Outstanding!

    5 of 5
    by user-4484 – March 7, 2014

    This is what I was looking for when I first got the leap controller. It took a little bit of work getting it just how I like it, but now it works fantastically. The customer assistance is phenomenal, the worked with me to solve every single issue I was having.

    1 out of 1 customers found this review helpful

  • Incomprehensible

    1 of 5
    by user-6276 – December 27, 2013

    Incompréhensible, ne marche pas bien... Tout est en anglais ! Tres cher !

    1 out of 5 customers found this review helpful

  • Good app

    3 of 5
    by user-889 – December 21, 2013

    The app works well, but sometime it acts a little bit strange. It tracks fingers even if there is no hand upon the leap controller.. And it's a little bit "tricky" when you want to open a link you just highlighted with the green pointer. There is room for improvement, but at least you can use the operating system with the leap controller.

    7 out of 7 customers found this review helpful

  • Great app and customer service. And will only get better.

    5 of 5
    by user-4919 – September 9, 2013

    It's the first app that didn't make me think the Leap was made for the Mac. Using it is simple, yet efficient. Talked to customer service (for a free program...) and they were great. Pros: DUAL MONITOR!, easy learning curve, efficient use of gesture for programs, easy setting of functions. Cons: Shaky pointer (Touchless' system is less shaky, but Pointable allows for mistakes when ''clicking'', because position is decided before clicking occurs). Overall a great program that will get better

    5 out of 5 customers found this review helpful

  • DId you buy LEAP Motion for OS control? Look no further!

    5 of 5
    by user-3158 – October 6, 2013

    I admit LEAP Motion has been pretty underwhelming in terms of controlling the Windows OS. Pointable has since renewed my faith in LEAP Motion's potential. It is nearly perfect for OS control! It took me about 20-30 minutes to get used to it and after that I felt I was browsing just as fast as I would when using a mouse (and in some cases faster). This is the essential product for LEAP Motion and, in my opinion, should come bundled with the device.

    9 out of 12 customers found this review helpful

  • Great!

    5 of 5
    by user-2992 – September 9, 2013

    works great! easy to setup!! the first app i can really use daily...

    4 out of 4 customers found this review helpful

  • Great and intuitive

    5 of 5
    by user-3919 – September 9, 2013

    Really nice way to control your Windows without having to memorize lots of gestures or commands. Easy to calibrate and easy to use. Even customizing individual commands is quite nice and may lead to more productivity and fun working with your PC.

    4 out of 4 customers found this review helpful

    Platform: Windows
    Version: 1.3.6
    Size: 6.61 MB
    Age Rating: 3+
System Requirements

Windows 7® or Windows® 8
AMD Phenom™ II or Intel® Core™ i5, i7 CPU or better