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Get your presentation superpowers
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Get your presentation superpowers

With Presentable, create perfectly streamlined presentations from any source. Show files from your computer including images, movies, imported slides and pages from PDF documents.

But you're not limited to files: Presentable includes a complete web browser. Show live content from Google Drive, YouTube, or wherever you want.

Much of the best content is out there on the web, but a regular browser just doesn't cut it as a presenter's tool. With Presentable, your projector screen will show a pristine web page without any distracting browser borders and buttons. A dual-screen Presenter's mode is also included, so you can view your notes and interact with the web page on your computer screen while showing just the relevant content to your audience.

With advanced Crop and Highlight tools, you can focus the audience's attention on what's essential within the page. For example, if you're showing a YouTube video, you might want to use Crop to remove all the distracting elements and just show the actual video.

Naturally, Presentable integrates with the Leap Motion Controller to make your presentation completely hands-free. With easy Leap Motion gestures you can change slides, scroll web pages, and point with a virtual laser pointer.

  • Treat web pages like slides in traditional presentation
  • Import image and video files
  • Import Keynote and PowerPoint files (animations and effects not included)
  • Import pages from a PDF document as slides
  • Navigate the browser on laptop screen while simultaneously showing on projector
  • Click on links and type text within web pages even while presenting
  • Slide Notes: add your personal presenter's notes
  • Crop tool: zoom in on important content
  • Highlight tool: focus your audience's attention on a particular area within the image
  • Virtual Laser Pointer tool: point at content on-screen
  • Tool Presets: save crop/highlight as part of the web page for easy activation
  • Projector Preview: a floating window that shows you what the output will look like
  • All common projector screen formats supported (to fit content properly to screen size)
  • Single-screen mode for presentations without an external display
  • Change slides with keyboard or wireless clicker remote when needed
  • Import bookmarks from any web browser
  • Share your presentation using Save As PDF
Using the Leap Motion Controller in Presentable
  • Scroll web pages by hovering hand up or down
  • Go to next page by drawing a clockwise circle in the air (and previous page with a counter-clockwise circle, of course!)
  • Access a highly precise "Virtual Laser Pointer": hold a thin stick over the Leap Motion Controller and point (chopstick or pencil should be fine)
  • When using Laser Pointer, click on links within a web page! Just point with your other hand's finger while holding stick
  • In dual-screen mode, preview next or previous page by hovering hand right or left

Available as a preference:
* Zoom with two hands! Hold two hands above the Leap Motion Controller, then bring them closer to zoom within a slide.

What's New

Version 1.1
  • New PowerPoint and Keynote slide import functionality
  • Added optional new gesture: zoom with two hands (available as a preference in Presentation controls)
  • Added progress indicator to web slides when presenting, so you know the page is still being loaded (displayed in bottom left-hand corner of page)
  • Fixed font-related crash bug on some systems

Ratings & Reviews

  • Good start, need direct play keynotes/pptx!

    3 of 5
    by user-3298 – September 13, 2013

    A very good start! I like the idea of using the pen/pencil mode to differentiate action/laser pointer - very smart. The overall experience in presentation mode is great - even I prefer using hand swiping as "Previous" and "Next". One big key need is to support direct play keynotes/pptx! PDF is definitely not enough! This is where the 2 stars been taken away. And one last minor, the icon is simple, but ugly.

    1 out of 1 customers found this review helpful

    Platform: OS X
    Version: 1.1
    Size: 24.8 MB
    Age Rating: 3+
System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.7+
Intel Core i3+
66MB Hard Drive Space